Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Road Trip To FLORIDA!

Back in August, I had this crazy idea to drive to Florida, by MYSELF, with 2 kids. It couldn't be THAT bad, right?
So the morning I'm suppose to leave, I wake up LATE, with a note from my husband saying "you and Hadley looked too sweet to wake up"... (note to self: set alarm next time and don't rely on husband to wake me up, haha). So I packed the car up, and had to get Claymore out 4 times (he DID NOT want us to leave him behind), loaded the kids and snacks up, and we were off! 

It only took us 13 hours, and 42586247856 stops to arrive in Georgia, where we would be staying 2 nights with my sister. Here's a little recap of our time with them. 

Common themes: we love Cinnamon, Hunter is MESSY everywhere he goes, and Hadley loves her bumbo! 
Next stop: FLORIDA!

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