Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Rilea Fam LOVES to sleep

Last Stop

Our last stop on our road trip was up to Charlotte, NC to visit Mema! I didn't get much pictures, because by that point of the trip, I was worn out! But, we LOVED being able to have Mema all to ourselves for a night and to catch up! Hunter of course snuggled with Mema all night, which I think they both equally love. 

Overall, we had an awesome time on our crazy road trip. I know the kids loved it. And despite the LONG car rides, and being sick and TIRED, I had a great time! Would I do it again? NOT anytime soon... oh wait, the BIG FAMILY REUNION is a month away, and we're driving to NC, then to Florida again, with the DOG! But my sweet husband will be joining us this time, so it shouldn't be too bad! 

More Florida

A few more Florida memories...
The night Uncle Corey came over, we found out someone HATES ribs, which became a funny joke the rest of the week.... HAHA (p.s. they were SO good)!

Hadley got her first little baby doll, WITH brown hair and blue eyes, thanks to her Nana!

And see that little lamb Hunter is holding.... that originally was for Hadley, but has become Hunter's FAVORITE toy ever. He won't go to bed without "Lamby"!

We went to visit our family friends, the Lockebach's at their sweet home. Hunter LOVED all Mrs. Patti's ebay toys, and LOVED Alex! Alex was such a good sport, playing soccer with Hunter, and also teaching him how to ride a skateboard!!

And I missed the first half of this moment, but from what I hear, Uncle Kell and Hunter was both doing a great job at the "worm". I caught Hunter's second attempt, which was more like a slug, but still cute!

Florida Sunshine

Part 2 of my Florida road trip means we finally arrived in Florida! My sister only lives about 2 hours away from Steven's parents in Florida, so that was a pretty simple drive. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we were all sick, and were getting zero sleep. That's always fun when you're alone with your two kids right? The first couple days were a little rough since we were all sick, but we had an AWESOME time in Florida. Here are some pictures of our trip.
(Hadley's sweet little crib @ the Rilea house)

(I need to do a whole separate blog post about Hunter's room, Nana, Popop and Aunt Anna made for him! SO COOL!)

(Thanks Daddy for teaching me a BAD HABIT)

We LOVE Florida, and can't wait to go back in October.