Friday, April 27, 2012

Pregnancy: 9 months in a flash

So I never blogged about my pregnancy (actually I never blogged period). So before I do Hadley's birth story, I'll do a quick pregnancy recap.
Overall, I had the best pregnancy I could ask for. I didn't get morning sickness even once, or any of the other things most women get during their pregnancy. I didn't have any cravings for anything. Really, I had an uneventful pregnancy, which is a good thing! My due date was February 7, which didn't happen!

Here's a video of the first half of my pregnancy:

And the second half:

I thought I was going to start a blog...

So... I think I failed big time at actually starting this blog. I'll blame it on my crazy busy life lately? How about I give a big recap of everything since January 2012, with some pictures, and then go from there? That's fair right. Ok here goes...

January highlights:
Steven moved to VA from Cali.... he drove his crazy lifted jeep the whole way in just a few days!


Meanwhile, I was busy getting ready for Steven to move in, and getting ready for our baby girl to make her big arrival!

Next, we celebrated "second Christmas" with Steven! We basically had a whole Christmas celebration since we weren't together on the real day. Hunter's favorite toy were the giant bucket of "gears"!

Then came Steven's 23rd birthday celebration! 

Then I was basically just pregnant the rest of the month until....

Hadley's arrival, 2 weeks early! But I think that deserves it's own blog post, so here's just a quick picture of her! 

Here are a couple bonus pictures from the month (mostly Hunter cuteness because I'm saving Hadley pictures for her own separate blog post). Enjoy!

Next will be a quick pregnancy recap, and Hadley's birth story with her first 2 weeks!